FAT Coffee & 12oz JOCO cup Promo

1kg FAT coffee +  12oz JOCO cup for a bargain price. 


FAT Coffee

Designed to be rich, balanced and full bodied, FAT Blend is our signature blend. It's a dark blend sourced from 5 different countries - PNG, Colombia, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Guatemala. Expertly blended and roasted to be enjoyed with or without milk.



The reusable Joco cup is thoughtfully designed from borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone. Certified non-toxic, 100% plastic-free, antibacterial, stain & odour resistant. Care for your taste buds and make a difference to the environment – It’s a cup you can be proud of.


Available in various colours- will email to confirm choice after purchase.

FAT Coffee & 12oz JOCO cup Promo