Flor de Cana 12 YO Rum

Adams blurb: Not only is this sustainably produced and no added sugar, it's kosher. What more can you ask!Floral and spicy, this is Nicaraguan Rum at its 12 year old best. Too good to mix but we wont judge.


Official tasting notes:

Flor de Cana from Nicaragua is one of Central Americas most celebrated distilleries. Its 12 year old offering is deliciously smooth but may be slightly confusing to those more accustomed to Cuban and Dominican style rums. There is no tobacco or petrol notes to be had. Instead, there is a pleasant floral spiciness with toffee and dark chocolate tones that carry over well into a long dry finish that single malt aficionados will find familiar. Best served neat or on the rocks, of course, but a splash of sparkling water does enhance its sweeter side.

40% ABV


Flor de Cana 12 YO Rum