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FAT (For All Things) Coffee is the result of master barista Adam Hofbauer's life-long love of coffee. Over the years he's chewed, sniffed, poured and tasted the deliciously roasted seeds of the coffee cherry from coffee trees all over the world, culminating in FAT Coffee’s house blend that consists of 5 Arabica beans, with the rich smooth Colombian as it’s base.
Sourced globally and roasted locally, FAT Coffee is made with a whole lot of love, and needless to say it’s the bean of choice for leading cafes including Bandit's Roost in Sydney.

Designed to be rich, balanced and full bodied, Fat Blend is our signature blend. It's current components are sourced from 5 different countries, carefully blended and roasted to deliver the unique taste. Choose the blend or any single origin.

Meet Adam, The Coffee Guy


100% Arabica Beans ​

SSOne of the highest grades

of the coffee plant. 


Used by leading cafes
in Sydney
and Melbourne

Enjoy as Espresso, Filter or Cold-Brew

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