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250g Plunger Survival Pack

250g FAT BLEND (Ground)

Designed to be rich, balanced and full bodied, FAT Blend is our signature blend. It's a dark blend sourced from 5 different countries - PNG, Colombia, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Guatemala. Expertly blended and roasted to be enjoyed with or without milk. Our ground coffee is ready to brew in your new plunger.

3-Cup Euroline Coffee Plunger

Start your FAT Coffee love affair with this stylish Euroline Cup Coffee Plunger. It is a convenient option for creating a perfectly well-balanced coffee. Made of quality heat-resistant PYREX glass and finished with a chrome plated lid and frame. Other handy features include a drip-free easy pour spout, heat-proof nylon handle and it is also dishwasher safe. Capacity is 350mL, so will make you 3 cups. This coffee plunger is ideal for all coffee lovers.

250g Plunger Survival Pack

  • Rich dark cocoa and berry finish with subtle Marzipan-like undertones.

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